MVSG Model

The MIT Virtual Source GaN HEMT (MVSG) Compact Model is a physical model for Gallium-nitride high electron mobility transistors (GaN HEMTs) that includes formulations for currents and charges that can be used for GaN-based circuit simulations, in particular RF- and HV-applications. The model is charge-based and includes the effect of source and drain access regions, field plates currents and charges (channel and fringing), gate leakage, self-heating effects, basic-charge trapping and gm-dispersion effects.

The MVSG compact device model is an Industry Standard supported by the Compact Model Coalition (CMC). Prof. Wei is the co-developer of the MVSG compact model, responsible for the model maintenance, upgrade and new feature development.

Model Download

Please go to the CMC Standard Model website for information regarding model access. Per CMC's policy, the CMC member companies have access to the latest Standard and Beta models, while the Standard Models are released to the general public for free after 18 months.