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The course notes for the history on common law, tort, and intellectual property is here.


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Course introduction

1. An Introduction to Engineering Law and Ethics

Ethical theories, code of ethics and misconduct, whistle blowing, conflict of interest, health and safety, diversity, workplace equity and sexual harassment, environment, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, torts, contract, and intellectual property.

1.1 Justice and Law

  1. Justice
  2. Common Law
  3. The Constitution Acts
  4. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  5. Human Rights
  6. The Canadian Government
  7. Canadian Law

1.2 Laws Applicable to the Engineering Profession

  1. Environmental Ethics and Law
  2. Occupational Health and Safety
  3. Employment Equity

1.3 Business, Contracts, Tort and Property

  1. Forms of Carrying on Business
  2. Contracts, Tort and Property

1.3.1 Contract Law

  1. Contract Law: An Introduction
  2. Offer and Acceptance
  3. Intent
  4. Consideration
  5. Capacity
  6. Legality
  7. The Parol Evidence Rule
  8. Mistakes in Contracts
  9. Statute of Frauds
  10. Cause for Rescission
  11. Tendering Contracts
  12. Contract Interpretation
  13. Discharging Contracts
  14. Breach of Contract

1.3.2 Tort Law

  1. Tort Law: An Introduction
  2. The Unintentional Tort of Negligence
  3. Product Liability
  4. Strict Liability
  5. Occupiers' Liability
  6. Negligent Misstatement
  7. Vicarious Liability
  8. Concurrent Tortfeasors
  9. Limitations on Liability

1.3.3 Intellectual Property

  1. Intellectual Property

2. Professional Practice

History, Professional Engineers Act and Regulation, licensing, discipline and enforcement.

  1. Professionalism
  2. Regulation
  3. Discipline and Enforcement
  4. Bre-X
  5. Sexual Harassment
  6. An "Engineer" on Co-op?

3. Ethics

  1. Ethics
  2. Modern Ethical Theories
  3. Ethics: A Psychological Approach
  4. Code of Ethics
  5. Whisteblowing
  6. Ethics: Case Studies (Sample solution to Case 1)

Course Notes

The instructor is making some course notes are available where possible:


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